Copper Splash Craftsmanship

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We offer a variety of copper art which includes small collectible pieces, small copper art designs, copper splash art, and copper bowls.  The process of creating the artwork is intriguing so below we’ll give you a small insight of how some of the art is made.

Copper bowls are derived from the pouring of flat pieces of splash copper.  Copper is poured from a furnace into a ladle the shape of your bowl.  The copper is then poured from the ladle onto a flat metal plate, forming the splash copper pieces.

The process always leaves a shell in the bottom of the ladle that will be knocked out as a bowl shape, depending on the size of the ladle used.  After cleaning, the bowls and flat splashes are put back into the heat, causing the pieces to oxidize.  This process gives the copper bowls and splashes a variety of color and is called heat patina.  Below are some videos showing the actual crafting of some of the pieces we offer.

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