Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this real copper?

A. Yes, we use 100% real Arizona copper.

Q. How do you get the different colors on the copper? Is it paint or chemicals?

A. We use a process called Heat Patina. There are no chemicals or paints added to the process.

Q. How long will it take to receive my item that I purchased?

A. Well it depends on how far and what time of year (during the holidays shipping is significantly slower). That being said, typically any given package should make it to you within a 5-10 day period, given no delays.

Q. Will the colors or the shine fade or change?

A. Yes, depending on where you place your copper. If outside the elements will oxidize your piece alot, if inside where the environment is more controlled, the copper will oxidize at a much slower rate. If your piece does oxidize, don’t worry. Either do it yourself or find someone to polish it using a wirewheel. Once polished you can place the copper in your home oven at around 350 degrees. Times in the oven depend on the coloring you wish to achieve.